Kristina Sitton – Attorney  - 5 STARS
Sanctuary Bail Bonds is the only bond company I refer people to! 

Jae Kimball – 5 STARS
The folks at Sanctuary have integrity, are honest and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone who may need help.
Ray Rodriguez Jr
Trustworthy, honest, and professional. These guys will go above and beyond. Period. 

Kari Cubbedge Carpenter – 5 STARS
These guys went above and beyond! Quick and extremely polite. We are very grateful for their help and would highly recommend anyone in need of bail/bond.

Lisa D’Angelyse – 5 STARS
This is the only Bail Bonds agency I recommend! I've known Randy for many, many years and when someone I love needed help, Sanctuary was the only bondsman I knew I could trust. Thanks guys! Xoxo


Pretty G – 5 STARS
I would recommend Doug to anyone in need of a bails bondsman. I contacted Doug to find out some Info on my nephews bond and he made sure he called me back every step of the way to inform me on what I can do and how to go about doing it. The most ironic thing about the situation is he wasn't even the bondsman that the family was going through and he still came through and delivered. Thanks Doug you have been a helping hand for sure.

Melissa H – 5 STARS
I have practiced as a criminal defense attorney for over a decade.  When I know I have clients who will need bail services and a clear explanation of the process, I always refer them to Sanctuary Bail Bonds.  They work tirelessly to ensure that my client and my client's family understand the process and I know that they would treat my client with the respect and care that I do.

Ted C – 5 STARS
I'm a criminal defense attorney and have been referring clients and their families to Sanctuary for a number of years now.  I was one of the lucky ones that got to work with Jill before she moved on.  I was happy to introduce Jill to dozens of my criminal defense attorney friends because Sanctuary does a top notch job at what they do.  I've never received negative feedback from anyone I gave their number to; in fact, it almost always results in a sincere thank you.  When I need to get bonded out, I'm going to call Sanctuary!

Julie J – 5 STARS
Very professional and thorough in explaining everything I needed to know. Made a very difficult situation much more bearable. I believe the gentleman I dealt with was Don. Thank you so much for the support when it was really needed!


Pricilla M – 5 STARS
I recommended this bail bonds they are fast and super friendly and they give it to you straight and will not try to find a way to rip you off so if you or any of your loved ones get locked up and have a bond these are the first guys you should think of calling

Julie L – 5 STARS
My experience with Doug from Sanctuary Bonds was very pleasant. Very understanding and professional when talking on the phone, but down to earth at the same time. I would recommend their services, stay in touch on a regular basis with them and they will take care of you!

Lan C – 5 Stars
All of the guys are so nice and very helpful. They answer the phone at all hours of the night and are willing to help, no matter what time it is. I would recommend Sanctuary Bail Bonds to anyone needing a bond posted quickly.
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